VIDEO: Spotlight by Providence Chamber of Commerce

Larisa Designs is a proud member of Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce since 2017.

This year GPCC is celebrating the 150th anniversary. Throughout its history, the GPCC has been a champion for Rhode Island businesses, business owners, employees, and residents.

As part of celebrating the 150th anniversary, the Chamber is featuring member companies as a way to educate the public about the important role the business community plays in making our state a better place to live and work. Larisa Designs is happy to be a part of Member Spotlight Series.

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Artist and owner of Larisa Designs, Larisa Martino, gave us the scoop on how she is able to be successful in the art industry in the smallest state.


Larisa is happy to announce a new media as an addition to her original art portfolio: TAPESTRY.

According to Wikipedia, “Tapestry is a form of textile art, traditionally woven on a vertical loom.” 

Introducing “A Million Suns” abstract collection done on up to 6’ long fabric panels.

Eleven mediums were used in the creation of these organic, jewel-toned beauties.  Acrylic, metallic, liquid and pearlescent paints as well glazes, fabrics, burlap mesh and others are part of this art creation. There are two pockets for hardware on each side of panels allowing installation of pieces either vertically, horizontally, or from the ceiling per client’s specifications.

These art pieces make a great focal point for tall cathedral type ceiling walls or a long horizontal hallway spaces.

Tapestries are a desirable and rare art media in the modern art market. Besides being decorative, tapestries soften (diffuse?) sound making rooms cozier, warmer and more intimate. This media is well received in commercial and residential spaces.

In the corporate setting, tapestries can act as soundproof barriers providing confidentiality setting in meeting rooms.  Of course, tapestries’ warmth, textures, and colors can be showcased in the reception areas, waiting rooms, restaurants, spas, hallways and other common areas to greet your visitors, clients, staff, and prospects.

If you would like to commission Larisa to create your custom tapestry, please call 401.965.0658 or email at