Photo Courtesy of  Jerri Moon Photography

Photo Courtesy of Jerri Moon Photography


Larisa Martino, an ethnically Russian artist who was born, raised, and educated in Central Asia (former USSR) dates her passion for art from early school age.

She graduated from the Technical University of Textile Industry (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) in 1993 with BS in Design. Larisa came to the U.S.A. in 1995.

She has 10+ years of experience working as an art consultant for an art gallery and other corporate settings while developing her artistic skills.

Larisa is primarily an easel painter. Her art style includes fantasy theme, abstracts, and fashion sketches in acrylics, inks, pencils, fabrics, and other materials to achieve different effects.

Larisa's art appeared in prestigious spaces including an international gallery in Miami in FL, a gallery in Natick, MA, and several Rhode Island galleries.

Her work graces many walls of private residences and commercial spaces: she has numerous national and international collectors.

Larisa and her family reside in the state of Rhode Island, U.S.A.

2016 Art Fusion Galleries Summer show, "Properties Of Inner Dreams"


 My art is my key to the secret garden, my way down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass. 

 I create art to define my feelings and emotions, to express my inner views.  My muse is an imagination that relies on collected images and real observation.  I begin my creation by submerging myself in trance, clearing daily worries from my mind.  With swooshing circular motions that render the curves of a floral petal, an ocean wave or a woman’s body, I follow with pen and brush the footprints of my daydreaming.

My artistic influences include Gustav Klimt, vintage and modern fashion sketches, and abstracts by modern artists.  I rejoice in blending diverse textures, materials and techniques, which result in mixed-media creations.  In my work you will discover playful lines of ink, deliciously textural acrylics, peek-a-boo glitter, and unexpected pearlescent.

Red, my favorite color, represents passion, energy, and power.   Combining crimson with other hues, I paint with a jewel-toned palette:  sparkling rubies, mysterious amethysts, caressing amber along with stunning emeralds and seductive sapphires.  Some of my works whisper mystery and others shout with vibrancy and fun.

 Currently I have been painting in figurative and abstract collections that include "Girls Night Out", "Romance",  "Liquid", and others.  Also I enjoy creating custom corporate collage art pieces that are tailored to a company.

 I evolve along with my art, welcoming new challenges as I explore new ideas and techniques such painting on fabrics (tapestries), metal and glass.

Photo Credit to  Jerri Moon

Photo Credit to Jerri Moon


  • Certified Fitness Instructor teaching Interval Training and practices yoga

  • Loves naps

  • Dark chocolate and red wine is a part of her diet

  • Cat lover

  • Likes to talk a lot…

  • From a military family

  • Doesn’t like cold weather

  • Fluent in Russian

  • Madonna is one of her favorite artists

  • Believes in shopping therapy

  • In college modeled on catwalks

  • Likes to cook

  • Dances to her favorite music everyday

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