Tudino Engineering Firm, RI - 18X18 Custom Collage 

Tudino Engineering Firm, RI - 18X18 Custom Collage 

Tudino Engineering Firm, RI - 18X18 Custom Collage

Tudino Engineering Firm, RI - 18X18 Custom Collage

Let Larisa Designs create custom, original artwork for your company's spaces!  Whether an original painting or a custom collage, Larisa will bring your unique vision to life on canvas, which can be featured in:

-Offices -Conference rooms -Reception areas -Waiting rooms -Patient rooms -Restaurants -Retail

CVS Caremark Headquarters - 30X30 Collage

CVS Caremark Headquarters - 30X30 Collage

Lake Pearl Country Club, MA - 48X60 Floral Abstract

Lake Pearl Country Club, MA - 48X60 Floral Abstract


Showcase your professional journey and help patrons, vendors, and staff see where you started, what you do, and your future goals. Larisa Designs will create a visual experience that is both textural and dimensional, while being playful and historical.

In creating custom dynamic original art collages, the artist uses an array of materials such as paints, paper, maps, promotional materials, company's logo/tagline, architectural drawings, business cards, product samples, photographs, newspaper articles, currency, and others. The color scheme is usually determined by your company's logo and branding palette.


Initial Contact:   Please call or e-mail at directly with your inquiry.

Meeting:   As a complimentary art consultation service, I can visit your office/space to help you to determine the best wall location and/or appropriate size(s) of canvas(s).

Quote:   Price will be determined according to the quantity and sizes of pieces. 30% deposit is required before work begin.

Materials:   Your company should supply me with any materials that can tell story about who you are (see above).  Work is done on stretched canvas with finished (painted) museum profile (1-1/2") sides to avoid framing expense. But if you prefer, framing is available at an additional cost.

Lead Time:    If there is a specific deadline (opening event, etc.), please let artist know up front, so Larisa can plan accordingly.

Installation:    Free installation in RI, MA and some CT areas or art can be shipped to you. Art collages are wired on back and ready to hang.

If you have any questions or an inquiry, please feel free to contact me!


I have always been a fan of Larisa’s style (I am also a proud owner of some of her artwork!), so when I got the news that one of my colleagues at work was retiring, I knew I needed her help in creating a unique, one-of-a-kind memento for him. Larisa jumped at the opportunity to help and immediately began throwing out some suggestions. Her vision was to create a timepiece of some sort - a canvas of memories - a journey down one’s career path. This individual worked for our company for over 40 years and was involved in so many projects and knew so many people. Being in the construction industry, there were a lot of fun materials to play with, from blueprints to material samples, to an actual ruler and plastic from his favorite Starbucks coffee cup!

Everyone was in awe of the final piece and had the chance to write a personal note and place it in an envelope in the back for safe keeping. Brilliant!!

Thank you so much Larisa for going above and beyond on this project!

Christina Sprows - Retail Designer, Travel Enthusiast, and Art Lover
We had blank walls in our new office’s waiting room…
Our firm, Buco & Buco Accounting, is an established family business with its third office location. After many months of settling in our new office in the historic Oaklawn area of Cranston, RI we were ready to address our bare walls in our waiting room. That’s where our valuable clients are greeted and spend some time. Larisa Martino of Larisa Designs had a unique solution for our space aesthetics: why wouldn’t we tell our company’s story in art form for everyone to admire?!
Our firm, Buco & Buco Accounting hired Larisa Martino of Larisa Designs to help us decorate the waiting area in our new office on Wilbur Avenue in Cranston. Larisa created custom collages for us which not only look beautiful, but also help to tell our company’s story to our clients. Larisa worked with us to collect background information on the history of our business and that of our surrounding community. She then created two beautiful abstract collages incorporating these ideas in a colorful textural way. Larisa was personable, professional and a pleasure to work with. She took the time to get to know us as a family company and was always respectful of our time. Larisa even helped us with art placement and installation of the art works. We are extremely pleased with our interaction with Larisa Designs and love the end result. We would highly recommend her services to other companies.
—Jason Buco


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